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Want to do more than just mindlessly opening boxes for a key room after room?
Are you tired of the same boring and confusing room designs & themes?
Playing just to beat the timer instead of enjoying the scenario with your friends?

Here at Origin, we are committed to provide our players an immersive and story-telling room break experience. Each of our uniquely designed rooms are themed with grand origin stories where you and your friends will determine how it ends. Play as a vampire, a master thief or a genius child, your fast-thinking, wits and teamwork will see you solving the puzzle, breaking the room, and write the final chapter to these epic tales.

Go beyond the clues. Go beyond the key. Go beyond the room. It’s time, to go to Origin!

Why choose Origin?

We are proud to offer the most intriguing and coherent story-line in each of our rooms. We go beyond finding clues and opening locks. Every escaping experience is uniquely challenging. We intentionally challenge and push our players to work together in order to escape. We take pride in our meticulously designed rooms. No two rooms are the same. We promise that your logic skills will be well tested and challenged. We boast a 2000 sq ft location so you and your friends can freely explore the room you’re trying to escape.

What is Room Break?

Room break, also known as room escape. Real-life room breaks are a game in which you are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. These games are based off online video games such as Crimson Room created by TAKAGISM Inc. by Toshimitsu Takagi in 2005.

Are you ready to dive into the immersive world of Origin Room Break?

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After a brutal battle with other vampires, Brad put himself in a temporary hypnosis (lasting 1 hour) to heal his wound in the castle. Your vampire hunter team has been requested by a mystery man to kill this most dangerous vampire who is the last child of the Brujah family. However, some of your brothers/sisters are trapped in his cell. Other ones are lurking in the living room. Can you rescue your companions and kill Brad before he wakes up?

Difficulty: ★★★★  Recommend Number of Players: 4 to 8

Key Word: scary, laser, hi-tech

(require over 4 people)

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You have fallen in love with your “colleague” – Victoria. “If you can get into the vault of Bank X, I may think about it”. That is the answer from her. Yes, she is the world’s famous thief master but you are just a novice. Now you have managed to sneak into the office near the vault. The security system will be offline for an hour. Can you succeed in fulfilling the requirement and win Victoria’s heart?

Difficulty: ★★★  Recommend Number of Players: 4 to 8

Key Word: dark, flexible, laser array

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You – the greatest detective in town are kidnapped by the phantom thief – White Rose to a hotel room with a locked room mystery beside you. A bomb that you will never find will explode in 90 minutes! The only way to get out is to solve the puzzles White Rose set.

Difficulty: ★★★★★★  Recommend Number of Players: 4 to 8

Key Word: bright, Super-Hi IQ, experienced

p.s.     Solving crime is not essential to escape the room. However, if you can  solve the crime while escaping the room, you can win mystery prize!

Attention: The rule for the new room has changed! Please read following rules before you make the appointment!

1. “Case Book” has 90 minutes instead of the regular 60 minutes because of the difficulties. Thus, The price for the “Case Book” is $30 instead of $25 each person.
2. “Case Book” only accept two promotions for now: ①Facebook like & check-in for $5 off each; ②FREE play if escape in half an hour for the first time.
3. If these conditions are in conflict with the conditions in other places, the conditions here shall prevail. Making reservation for this room shall be deemed to agree the conditions here.
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